Terra Firma

Globe emojis and triple parentheses around Jewish names

on alt right/anti-Semitic dark websites

and Breitbart in the very light of day.

The triple parenthesis:

Inauthentic name – bogus so-called – not of the soil — not true to the blood of the nation


                       Groundedness. – I wrestle with the accusation that is the lack thereof.

– What I take the three parentheses around the Jew names to indicate.

An accusation that one can’t easily talk or write one’s way out of.

(((KLEIN))) – I try it on for size.

Chthonic – of underworld gods and spirits. Of the black earth itself.

Chthonian – Arising into the mystic America via the quite mean cracked streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Triple parentheses/Global emojis fixed upon my head for the Cosmopolitan inside me.

                       A six-floor walkup in the Village for the last forty-five years – two floors above what the most discerning and fastidious brothers Goncourt decreed in their journal as the absolute bourgeois maximum.

I decide these queer joyless bastards will not define me in my own mind.

                       A machete hung on the wall within easy reach, an 8-inch dagger in my filing cabinet, a street legal 9mm in a lock box in my study, a loaded .38 in the top drawer of my night table. Come as you are, if you please.

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