Ivan Klein

Ivan Klein has published a volume of selected poems, Alternatives to Silence from Starfire Press, and a chapbook, Some Paintings By Koho and a Flower of My Own, on the work of the Sumi-e master, Koho Yamamoto, from Sisyphus Press.

His work has been profiled in the Forward and published there on several occasions. Poems from a book length manuscript, Toward Melville, Notes, Poems and Commentaries, have been published in “Leviathan,” the journal of the Herman Melville Society, and the magazine “Flying Fish.” An excerpt from the manuscript dealing with Melville’s travel journals and the narrative poem Clarel were read by him at an international conference of the Melville Society in Jerusalem in June 2009.

Recent publications include the online magazines “Urban Graffiti” and “Arteidolia” as well as the 2016 Shoah memorial issue of Poetry Super Highway.

He is currently at work on a poem sequence on the post Holocaust poets Paul Celan and Nelly Sachs and an autobiographical meditation on the I-Ching.